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At Psychic Readings by Kitty in Chicago, IL you will be welcomed warmly and sincerely. You will be greeted like an old friend and graciously offered a seat and refreshments.Psychic Readings by Kitty has been in business for more than 20 years and only commits to working with genuine tarot card reading psychics who have felt a calling to do this type of work since childhood. Kitty`s goal is to help people, not to entertain them. She is very powerful and gifted. She has touched many people all around the world. For Kitty there is no problem that is too big, or too small She is referred by many people around the world. Schedule an appointment today by calling (773) 498-6724 and the proof will be before you soon.

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If you have had positive experiences in the past with intuitive people and have no doubt that there are human beings with an acute sensitivity to supernatural forces then you will not be disappointed with Psychic Readings by Kitty. As a professional having a long history in the business, Kitty has many connections and reliable references to expand their base offerings. A few examples of the methodologies used to detect energies and divine the future included in our list of services.

Chakras are our energy centers – learn more about them.

Clairvoyance is an ability to see people, objects or events that are not apparently visible or detectable through the senses. This is the most common form of in-person psychic reading and can bring peace and comfort by connecting with a deceased loved one through psychic facilitation. When we lose a loved one to natural death, illness or tragedy there are often things we want to say or questions that remain unspoken. Through the ability of clairaudience, which is the hearing of such people or sounds, or the receiving of thoughts, that are not audible in the present, Psychic Readings by Kitty can communicate with the ethereal spirit and provide you with the answers you so desperately need.

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sfsf bs(1)Many professional psychics have specialized areas of expertise. This compliments their natural abilities and a reading can incorporate one or more of the psychic’s skills. Psychic Readings by Kitty offers any of these methods. This includes telephonic or written readings via email or letter as well as distance energy readings by request. As this vocation is usually chosen at a spiritual level in the name of serving humanity, prices are very reasonable but may vary with different services. Call us for specifics and specials. The New Age Movement has brought all things psychic service into mainstream consciousness. There are many who see it as strictly entertaining and still others who rely heavily on a reading’s outcome for guided decision-making. The best way is to see and feel for yourself.

What people say:

At first I came in skeptical . There were moments that my mouth literally dropped because some things came out of nowhere and were spot on. I was in shock. She was very upfront with me which I liked because I've been to psychics in the past and only told me what I wanted to hear. Kitty genuinely wants the best for you and will tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want. Please see her because she cares and puts her heart into her readings.

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Our psychic love reading can be beneficial at any point in a relationship. Or if you are seeking a relationship – this can help you understand the soul mate connection between you and your partner. It could resolve tensions and conflicts through clarity and understanding. A deeper spiritual understanding of you and your partner allows you to make sound decisions and know how to bring out your relationship’s full potential, or know if it needs to end.
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