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Some people avoid tarot card readings because they don’t believe in them. Others, however, don’t want to have such a reading done for fear they may draw a negative card. The Tarot card psychics at Psychic Readings by Kitty will try to explain which the bad cards are and how they should be interpreted.

 Ten of Swords – This card pictures the figure of a man resembling a warrior and lying face down on the ground, stabbed in the back by all ten swords. The message is clear – defeat, failure, loss, betrayal. Could also imply pain, affliction, sadness, desolation, tears. It does not, however, mean violent death.


 Tower  – On this card, we can see a tower at night, on fire as a result of being struck by a lightning. A crowned figure is falling from the tower, as well as one other person. It is interpreted as a catastrophe, destruction, and again – failure, loss. The fall of something built on an unstable foundation. Sometimes referred to as the Tower of Babel, it may also represent the punishment for hubris or the misuse of power.

 Devil – This is actually a very controversial card. Featuring the figure of the devil and a man and a woman in chains at his feet, it is sometimes said to represent the seven deadly sins, with special emphasis being placed on one of them – lust. Now, is that a good thing or a bad thing in the modern world? Unfortunately, it is still bad. It represents wrong decisions or the potentiality of such, based on physical attraction alone. It could also represent sexual problems.

 Hanged Man – Although this appears to be the very image of violent death, it has quite a different meaning – the need for self-sacrifice for the attaining of wisdom.

 Three of Swords – The three swords piercing a heart under a dark cloud have an obvious negative message – an unhappy love or the betrayal of a lover.

 Death – The Grim Reaper, in full armor, triumphantly riding a white horse. What can be worse than that – the end of everything, mortality, failure, loss.

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 Now, are these cards always such bad news as the pictures on them and their most obvious interpretations indicate? Not really. In most cases, they indicate a potential, but not necessary, outcome of a situation resulting from our actions or character. They are rather a warning, and the negative development can be prevented if we change something about ourselves and the way we approach problems. They can also signify change, challenge, or a lesson to be learned.

 For example – the Ten of Swords can warn us against false friends or not to become traitors ourselves. The Tower may tell us that our project rests on a shaky foundation and that we should be more noble and selfless to achieve success or spiritual advancement. The Devil is the warning against our choice of instant gratification over a long-term and meaningful relationship. Death could mean that something old has to go in order for something new to begin. So, for the wise person, there is really nothing to fear, only conclusions to be made.

 Actually, it’s is very hard to give general interpretations. To derive the accurate meanings of the cards drawn in a reading, it takes the intuition, gift, and divination skills of true tarot card psychics. They will use their sixth sense to acquire information from