Chakra Meditation

There isn’t anybody in the world today who hasn’t heard of the benefits of meditation to quiet the mind as a means of mental relaxation and physical rejuvenation. If you’re looking to take it further than that with the goal of achieving a clear mind and psyche and to access your innate creative energy, then you’re looking for chakra meditation. Psychic Readings by Kitty has been facilitating healing for 20 years to those in Chicago, IL with a desire to expand their awareness. We all have the ability to create health within our bodies and progress through spiritual transformation but we are often halted by life’s pain, drama and false-belief systems. Psychic Readings by Kitty is here to help you transcend the resistance that keeps you ‘stuck’ in an uncomfortable place, whether it’s a physical, emotional or environmental dissatisfying situation.

Chakra meditation does not require chanting, traveling, incense or the presence Chakra Meditationof a guru, although acquiring more information is necessary to feel confident and competent in our ability to facilitate our own balance and healing. This is where Psychic Readings by Kitty comes in, as a practitioner to inform and teach you the basics of working with chakras so that you can listen to your internal intelligence and individuate.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning vortex, or circle. Chakras are recognized as vital energy centers that store, distribute and balance energy in our spiritual bodies that overlay our physical bodies. When they are “open” it is considered good and normal; they emit a gentle, constant flow of energy. When they are “closed” we may experience ill health, confusion or other dis-ease in life. The goal is to have them all open and balanced for optimum health and well-being.

There are seven main chakras that Psychic Readings by Kitty located in Chicago, IL stresses on:
– FIRST—Kundalini, also known as “root” chakra—located at the base of the spine
RED, Basic Survival
– SECOND—Hara—located just below the navel
ORANGE, Center of Emotions
– THIRD—Solar Plexus—located directly between the navel and sternum
YELLOW, Thought and Intellect
– FOURTH—Heart—located in the center of the chest behind the sternum
GREEN, Ability to Love and Feel Compassion
– FIFTH—Throat—located above the hollow at the base of the neck
BLUE, Communication, Change & Commitment
– SIXTH—Third Eye—located in the center of the forehead
INDIGO, Unemotional Judgment and Information Processing
– SEVENTH—Crown—located above the very top of the head
PURPLE, Bodily Connection to Pure Spiritual Energy and Information

The purpose of chakra meditation is to be aware of your present state and meditation develops this awareness. You must first learn to focus your consciousness and learn to ground yourself. Grounding simply means being still and connecting your energy to the universal energy that surrounds us all. The easiest way is to visualize a cord (rope, chain, silver, gold, PVC tubing, whatever you like) secured to your root chakra and then sending it down into the core of the earth and securing it there. Grounded. Still and peaceful. Like a tree’s roots anchored into the ground. Let Psychic Readings by Kitty help you discover your ground! Call us today at (773) 498-6724 and ask about our chakra meditation availability or Love Psychics Readings. We offer the lowest prices within Chicago, IL and are the best professionals in the area. Having balanced chakras and the empowerment to open them when they need opening and to ground yourself at will, are key to maintaining the health of your chakra system. Don’t underestimate the power of the chakra treatment! Contact us now!

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