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A tarot card reading from Psychic Readings by Kitty can provide a much needed insight regarding love, career, children, relationships, and any other important aspects of your life. A tarot card reading can offer guidance when it’s too difficult to make an important decision. Psychic Readings by Kitty has been providing accurate and trustworthy information to Garland, TX inhabitants for the last 20 years. Call us and you will see how helpful we can be to you.

Tarot Card ReadingBefore a tarot card reading you will be asked if you’re looking for an answer to a specific question. You can also state if you want to receive a general reading, that is, basic information that will give you a deeper understanding of any current situation you may be experiencing. A professional tarot card reader from Psychic Readings by Kitty may also offer you a choice of tarot decks or a certain type of spread. For instance, the most popular tarot spread is the Celtic Cross,which consists of ten cards that are arranged in a specific pattern and read in a special order.

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Cards connect to your personal energy and they act as a picture of what is influencing your life, for good or for bad, that might not otherwise be apparent to you. A tarot reading from Psychic Readings by Kitty can let you know where your life is currently at, help you realize where you want to go, showing you how to eliminate any roadblocks that stand in your way, and it offers a road map of how to arrive safely at that destination. A reader from Psychic Readings by Kitty will give an interpretation of each card and can offer different possible meanings.

Readers may ask if that card is relevant to your current situation, which helps them determine what course of action you can take to influence the outcome. The meaning of one card can be linked to another. Repetition may reveal a problem that requires more attention. Sometimes patterns in a reading indicate a need to break a cycle or the cycle of a pattern is revealed to indicate what the next step is. At the end of a reading you can ask further questions to clarify the meaning of the cards.

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Tarot card readings by Kitty in Garland, TX can offer great insight into your life. It will let you know where changes need to be made, telling you your greatest strengths and weaknesses, and showing you how to reach your full potential. Although a tarot card reading isn’t meant to tell you how to live your life, it will give you renewed hope knowing that alternative solutions or other pathways exist. If you’re searching for a life filled with more meaning, directions towards a spiritual path, or if you want to resolve issues in complicated areas of your life, a tarot card reading from Psychic Readings by Kitty in Garland, TX will make you feel empowered to make decisions with the guidance you receive.Call us now at (773) 498-6724 and we will appoint a reading session for you.

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For over 20 years Psychic Readings by Kitty has offered a wide range of psychic readings, including ones on tarot and chakra.

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