A Is a Quality Tarot Card Reader?

The Tarot deck is a series of cards which a tarot card reader will use in fortune telling or for divination. Divination is referred to as cartomancy. A tarot deck has four numbered suits, just the same as basic playing cards and twenty two picture cards, which are numbered from one through to twenty-two, and with some decks, zero to twenty-one.

These cards showed up around the same time as today’s universal 52-card deck, and it is under much dispute which one came first. A Tarot deck comes with fourteen cards in every suit and thirteen playing cards, the Tarot court cards have a page, in addition to a knight or knave, plus a king and queen.

The twenty-two picture cards, which are now referred to as Major Arcana, the suited cards being the Minor Arcana, were permanent trump cards originally. That is however, in a trick playing game, any picture card take a trick above a suit card. They show a universal of story themes, like the Fool being a young man going on a journey with a pack over his shoulder. This character is sometimes depicted as not watching where he’s going, and maybe going to walk off a cliff, with a small dog yapping a warning at his heels. Other cards show concepts instead of people, such as the wheel of fortune being fate or karma, and the Judgement figure being justice in every form.

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The suits are analogies to basic playing cards, such as swords being spades, cups being hearts, pentacles being are diamonds, and wands being clubs.

Using Tarot for telling fortunes is a recent invention which dates back to the tail end of the eighteenth century. The most familiar deck is the Rider-Waite one. The designs were done by Arthur Waite, who was said to be a member of the occult society of the Golden Dawn, he collaborated with Pamela Colman Smith, an artist, so this deck is referred to as the Waite-Smith deck in some circles.